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Wilson N. Jones Medical Center

Sherman, Texas



Wilson N. Jones Medical Center


Wilson N. Jones Medical Center (WNJ) is located in Sherman, Texas and is a not-for-profit medical facility licensed for 241 beds that serve four counties of North Texas and Southern Oklahoma.


Scope included the project managing of the Architectural and Information Technology Services and design of the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering to upgrade the existing Data Center for WNJ.  Upgrade of the existing HVAC included the removal of existing DX-Roof top units and the addition of a floor-mounted Computer Room Air Conditioning Unit to control the temperature and humidity in the space.  Upgrade to the emergency power included extending the output from an existing UPS to the existing computer room to provide a redundant system.  New lighting was provided to accommodate the new computer rack layout and distribution to the relocated and new computer racks.


As Prime Consultant, ODG was responsible for Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, the hiring of all other trades, and communicating with those trades the project design requirements and budget constraints. One requirement included minimal interruptions of IT services to Campus end-users. ODG was responsible for coordinating work from all the trades and the submitting to the Client all Architectural, Engineering, and IT Construction Drawings and Specifications.



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